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SUPRA is a new filtration media developed for HAIKOO by one of our leading suppliers in the field of nanofibers for medical and healthcare applications.

It is a fabric made of a polyester base on which fibers of polymeric solution (jet flow) generated by the Electrospinning manufacturing technique adhere.

The fundamental thing about this fabric is that the size of the fabric is nanometric (less than the size of viruses and bacteria), opposing the passage of particles as a physical barrier.

SUPRA is different. An extremely thin layer of nanofibers, with diameters ten times smaller than conventional meltblown fibers, provides highly effective mechanical filtration for small airborne particles with very little reduction in efficiency over time. The larger surface area and smaller pore size within the SUPRA filter maximize the likelihood that the fibers will stop the particles without relying on electrostatic attraction. This means that SUPRA filters continue to provide effective protection for more than 48 hours of continuous use.

The tests carried out show the following results:

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency> 99.9%
  • Particle filtration efficiency> 96.97% – 99.4%
  • Duration> 48h use


It is a bilayer filter formed by filtering fabric + Coolmax fabric.

The filtering capacity of the filtering fabric is based on the electrostatic attraction capacity (like conventional masks FFP2, KN95,…) of the particles, viruses and bacteria being trapped in the filter despite having a greater network than these.

Coolmax is a polyester fiber that, thanks to the capillary properties of its fiber, is capable of moving moisture from the source (filter layer) to the outside quickly and efficiently while regulating the temperature by evaporative cooling. In addition, this material is endowed with silver ion spinning. Said silver particles are an especially effective biocidal agent against fungi and bacteria. The antibacterial properties of silver are recognized, revealing in tests that at concentrations close to 60 μg / ml they guarantee a null growth and / or proliferation of bacterial species.

The adhesion of the Coolmax to the filter fabric provides increased performance by reducing the humidity in it. In this way, the use time of this filter is longer than that of conventional filters.

The tests carried out show the following results:

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency> 99.9%
  • Particulate filtration efficiency> 95.4%
  • Duration: depending on the conditions of use (in the absence of humidity, a maximum use of 12 hours is recommended)


The plastic material of the base mask is a material developed by a multinational pioneer in the search for ad hoc industrial solutions. The polyolefinic base gives this plastic a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria while its permeability to the flow of oxygen is quite high.

Its low additive content is another reason to make this material a good choice. There is no migration from the surface of the plastic to other environments, in particular and in this case, to the skin, in fact the material is hypoallergenic.

Cleaning of the base mask is guaranteed with soap and water or alcohol.

Our hypoallergenic plastic ensures low additive content which guarantees no material migration from it to nearby surfaces as your skin.This material has been developed by an innovative multinational company developing ad hoc industrial solutions certified according to 1272/2008 regulations / EC categories 1A and 1B.

The manufacturer also certifies its corporate responsibility for degrading and abusive practices.

Our plastic is easy to clean, free of phthalates, latex and mutagenic and toxic carcinogenic substances and it ́s not flammable or dangerous for the environment.

Certified masks

At Haikoo, the most important thing is the safety and protection of our mask users.  All the materials of our filters (MAX and SUPRA) are certified at European level. Plastic complies with the regulations regarding food use, as well as the manufacturer’s declaration of material free of all harmful substances regulated by regulation 1272/2008/EC.

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